Anti Acne Peel

How do chemical peels help with acne scars?

There’s never a clean breakup with acne. Even when flare-ups have gone, there may still be a variety of scars left to remind us of a not so amazing time.

While time can heal these marks, there are several expert-approved methods to address speed time on your schedule. One of the popular methods is the chemical peel.

A peek into the potential benefits chemical peels can have on acne-prone skin include:


Smoother texture and tone


Lightening of dark spots


unclogging of pores to help prevent future breakouts

Chemical peels can be a great way to maintain and rejuvenate the skin.
These are more effective at exfoliation than physical exfoliators (topical scrubs, for example). The trauma inflicted by the chemical not only kills and removes dead skin cells at the surface, but the intentional damage caused also stimulates the body’s natural response to produce collagen, which can help fill in scars.

Picking the right type of chemical peel may not be an easy task, especially when a solution can go wrong and be too harsh. But knowledge is protection.

Read on to learn what kind of chemical peels are safe to try at home, which ones need a dermatologist’s guidance, how often you’ll need a peel, and so much more.