Weight loss Treatment in Wakad, Pune

Our approach towards weight loss programs is holistic. We first assess the past and present health status, their medical concerns and also their expectations are taken into consideration. Body composition analysis includes assessment of total body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, water levels, muscle mass, body mass index, basal metabolism, body age.
The recommendation of treatment and the number of sessions depend on the individual assessment. The life style modification and dietary changes are also suggested accordingly.

Weight loss therapies:

Choosing to weight loss is a journey, it requires motivation and consisitency. There are four pillars of weight loss – proper and adequate nutrition, proper sleep, healthy levels of exercise and emotional health care.
We at Advanced Aesthetics, recommend a holistic approach towards weight loss. We have different technologies like E-slim, Slimdetox, Liposonic, LipoRF, Body therapies for weight loss. Depending upon the requirement and assessment, the therapies are combined and recommended.


  • They are non invasive and safe.
  • Helps in stimulating metabolism.
  • It simulates passive exercise.
  • It helps in contraction and relaxation of muscles thus, helping in building muscle tone.
  • Improves blood circulation and stimulates healing process.