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What is Skin Whitening?

Skin whitening is the process of reducing melanin pigment in the skin to achieve a whiter complexion. The amount of melanin in a person’s skin determines its color, and those with darker complexions have more of it.

Who can have Skin Whitening?

Freckles, age spots, scars, moles, acne, birthmarks, and those who simply want fair skin—especially those with darker skin tones—often turn to skin whitening procedures to address these issues.

Who are Not Fit to Skin Whitening Treatment?

It is not advisable for people with a history of heart problems, recurrent fever or cold sores, or a propensity to scar to get chemical peel treatment for skin whitening. Deep chemical peel treatments are not advised for people with very dark skin.

Skin Whitening Clinic in Pune

Many people aspire to have skin that is flawless and fair. In Pune, The Advanced Aethestics is one of the most well-known clinics for skin-brightening procedures. At reasonable costs, our clinic provides an excellent selection of skin whitening procedures that can help you get rid of scars and patches.

How much does skin whitening cost in Pune?

In Pune, skin whitening procedures typically cost between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 10,000.

Why The Advanced Aethestics for skin whitening treatment in Pune?

Here are some of the reasons you should choose The Advanced Aethestics for skin whitening treatment in Pune:


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FAQ Related to Skin Whitening Treatment

1. How much does skin whitening cost in Pune?

Skin whitening operations normally cost between Rs. 2000 and Rs. 10,000 in Pune.

2. Which treatment is good for skin whitening?

Co2 and Q switch laser treatments are the most popular and recent types, and they work wonders for darker skin tones.

3. Is skin whitening treatment true?

According to knowledgeable dermatologists, skin whitening is untrue. They categorically reject the idea of lightening your skin tone beyond what is naturally occurring.

4. Is Body whitening permanent?

A lot of people wonder if the treatment will last forever. It does, however, depend on the skin-lightening procedure you choose. The effects of choosing skin-whitening products are temporary.

5. Is laser skin whitening painful?

In a clinic, laser skin whitening is a painless procedure that yields immediate results with no downtime.