Body Polishing

Body Polishing in Pune

You all have pampered your face multiple times with facials, spas and what not? But ever realized that your body, that has been exposed to the dirt and pollution every single day needs equal attention too? Now you do! The ample amount of zits, dead skin and bumps on your body is cue enough that it is time for you to consider the art of body polishing. Since your body faces exposure which is more or less the same as your face, it too needs adequate cleaning. The dead shells need to be removed and the surface needs to be cleared to prevent their accumulation, thus preventing further damage! This is why body polishing is your saviour!

Reduces pigmentation: Getting rid of pigmentation can be quite a task, especially when the spots are a little too prominent. Obtaining lighter skin through chemical and natural ingredients can be done using methods of body polishing. It also eliminates blemishes and also reduces the production of melanin.

Rejuvenates skin: when it comes to living in an excessively hectic and polluted environment, the skin tends to dull and lifeless. This is the time when your skin is calling out for a session of body polishing. Gently scrubbing your skin with a suitable agent helps to get rid of dead skin cells, thus bringing out the natural glow!

Hydrates skin: The process of exfoliation that results in the opening of skin pores also need to be closed to avoid further accumulation of dirt. Hydrating agents like aromatic essential oils and body lotions that are used to moisturize your skin through body polishing help in closing these very pores by penetrating deep into your skin, hence giving it a soft, smooth surface.

Stimulates blood flow: exfoliation and massage in body polishing help in constant stimulation of blood flow and helps the skin to relax. It also removes toxins and unwanted materials, thus enhancing skin texture and bringing out the healthy, natural glow!