upper lip hair reduction

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

An electrical instrument that plucks hairs from the root in the same way that tweezers do. However, epilators remove more than one hair at a time, making epilating a more efficient approach than tweezing. An epilator may cause mild skin redness; however, if the irritation persists, it is best to discontinue use. To achieve the best results, exfoliate the skin one day before the procedure to remove dead cells and avoid ingrown hairs. Before epilating, ensure sure your skin is free of oils, make-up, and moisturisers that can clog pores and interfere with the process. Laser hair removal is an efficient method for removing upper lip hair. A dermatologist uses a concentrated beam of laser light to the hair follicle to destroy the hair during this procedure. Permanent outcomes cannot be obtained in a single session. For long-lasting benefits, a four to six-week therapy is required.